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Drop It With Draelos: Zach’s Story

Losing a great deal of weight can feel like an endless journey, but it’s not impossible. We are very proud to introduce Zach and his amazing success with our featured weight loss program. He lost over 70 pounds, within a six month period, while on the program. We couldn’t overlook his astonishing results, read his story below.

July 2016, 260 pounds“I haven’t always struggled with managing my weight, but I knew I had to make a lifestyle change when I found out I was a borderline diabetic. I was in shape from 2009 to 2011, but after 2011 my obesity became a huge issue. It was a growing concern until July of 2016 when I started the weight loss program at 260 pounds.

I tried a nutrition class two years ago but it wasn’t effective for me. The classes were informative on meal planning and calorie counting, but it was all basic knowledge that I already knew. Draelos Metabolic Center’s weight loss program worked better because the appointments are one on one instead of a class setting. Those appointments are what’s needed when trying to lose the amount of weight that I was.

When I started the program I knew that giving up old eating habits was going to be my biggest obstacle. The medication I used really helped to kickstart my new diet, but I still had a bad habit of binge eating in the middle of the night. I overcame by immediately quitting and placing my willpower over the unhealthy desires I had. My family was a main motivator for me to reach my goals.

My provider, Brooke, also motivated me. She was very receptive to all the information I gave her at appointments and took everything into account. Brooke based her treatment on what my body responded and continued to respond to.

February 2017, 190 poundsRegular exercise was a necessary factor in my weight loss plan. I had slowed down going to the gym prior due to discouragements I faced, but once I started actually losing weight with the program I buckled down and exercised regularly. I also started recording my daily calorie intake. This benefited me a lot because the diet I was on was so strict.’

‘What difficulty rating do you give the Draelos Metabolic Center weight loss program on a scale from one to ten?’

‘I didn’t think it was hard at all. I’d say it was a two or three rating because of the bad eating habits you must give up. It’s really just a simple change in lifestyle.”

We find it a priority to track our program's success in order to confirm it's advancement and patient satisfaction.  The total for weight loss, factoring in all patients currently enrolled in the Drop it with Draelos program, as of April 2017 is:

  283.9 lbs.