Tosoh Thyroid Testing at Draelos Metabolic Center

Draelos Metabolic Center is now providing same day or point of service thyroid testing with our new Tosoh AIA-360 Automated Analyzer. Thyroid tests available at the clinic include: TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone), FT3 (free triiodothyronine hormone), and FT4 (free thyroxine hormone).

How will this new thyroid testing benefit you?

  • Allows your test results to be ready at your appointment time
  • Enables treatment at your appointment
  • Your provider will be able to correlate your clinical symptoms with same day lab results; offering you more precise treatment measures
  • Provides an elevated level of service
  • Your provider will review lab results with you face-to-face and will be available to answer any current questions or concerns you may have
  • Labs can be drawn the same day as your appointment with your provider, saving you time and providing added convenience
  • Having your labs drawn at Draelos Metabolic Center ensures lab results during your appointment, eliminating the inconvenience of forwarding outside labs to our office in time for your appointment

How do you set up your thyroid testing at Draelos Metabolic Center?

  • Thyroid lab testing is directed by your medical provider's order and is offered by appointment only
  • Simply call to schedule your thyroid testing appointment
  • Schedule your thyroid lab testing one hour prior to your appointment time with your current provider
  • You can also have the thyroid labs drawn a day or two before your appointment with your provider if you would prefer
  • Fasting is not necessary